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About Us

Renqiu Firlend Welding Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Our company is committed to serving customers all of the the world, producing and selling exquisite and durable welding equipment, auxiliary equipment, welding accessories and consumptive material.

our main products comprise manual arc welding, tigmig welding, laser welding, plasma cutting, laser cutting, robot accessories, various wire feeder devices, working protective products, various power connectors, control cable and connection, welding cable, gas pipes products etc. Our products can be found from factories workshops to large supermarket chains in Europe and America...

Power of production

CNC machine and machining center are used in the whole production and processing process of the product, and automatic production is basically realized.

  • High precision
  • High consistency
  • High requirements
  • High quality
Product advantages
  • Covering a full range of welding products
  • Complete variety
  • Real material under the premise of the maximum guarantee

    of the economy of the product. It brings the

    greatest benefit to the sales and use of customers

Quality Assurance: 

the entire product has passed the EU CE certification and ISO 9001 quality management system certification.

News Information

Warmly celebrated our factory visiting SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN successfully.

25th Sep 2017

Our factory visit SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN during 25th. to 29th Sep,2017 successfully. On the Exhi···

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Return Us a piece of blue sky,Arbor Day,our factory staffs joined this activity.

25th Sep 2017

All things recovery in March,Offering us much green and beauty to life.All our staffs went out the o···

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Safety first, Mainly Prevention ,Recently, our factory held a Consumption exercise.

25th Sep 2017

To further understand and and master the fire handling process and enhance the coordination ability ···

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Renqiu Firlend Welding Equipment Co.,Ltd.

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