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Firlend Welding Equipment Co.,Ltd .is committed to serving customers all of the the world, 

producing and selling exquisite and durable welding equipment, auxiliary equipment, welding accessories and consumptive material.

our main products comprise manual arc welding, tigmig welding, laser welding, plasma cutting, laser cutting, robot accessories, various wire feeder devices, working protective products, various power connectors, control cable and connection, welding cable, gas pipes products etc. Our products can be found from factories workshops   to large supermarket chains in Europe and America. 

Elaboration products are the cornerstone of Firlend; top quality service is the core competitiveness of Firlend. 

Mature, confident, courageous and innovative  Firlend are striding forward to the third decade of the 21st century and embracing the endless possibilities of the future

Workshop show

Finished packaging warehouse
Finished warehouse
Photographs of Processing Workshop
Sample room
Professional R & D team:

from accessories to finished products by professional design team involved in design, production, improvement, each generation of products more and more integrated into the ergonomics concept, to ensure the best non-fatigue operation, so that users can enjoy convenience.

Firlend  Service purpose:

Firlend Welding equipment Co., Ltd., regard customers as friends, actively and quickly solve all the production and sales problems of customers, ensure the value of customers first, and win the greatest benefits for customers.

Renqiu Firlend Welding Equipment Co.,Ltd.

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